What We Do?

Huzhou Changyuan Tefa Technology CO.,LTD.

HZ CYG TEFA CO.,LTD was established in May, 2016, a subsidiary company of CYG Group (stock Code, 600525). In the meantime, we combine the manufacture and trade together, engaged in producing and supplying LDPE foam and foam products.

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Hot Products
  • Non-toxic XPE Foam Material
    Non-toxic XPE Foam Material

    This non-toxic XPE foam material is chemical cross linked polyethylene foam. It is a new type of...

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  • XPE Foam for Auto
    XPE Foam for Auto

    XPE foam, closed cell PE foam (XLPE foam) is cross linked by chemical foaming agent. Compared to...

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  • XPE Foam Insulation
    XPE Foam Insulation

    XPE foam, lightweight, flexible and resilient, is chemically cross linked PE foam with uniform...

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  • Artificial Grass Foam Underlay
    Artificial Grass Foam Underlay

    Artificial grass foam underlay, 8-20mm in thickness, is tough, free draining and...

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  • IXPE Foam Materials
    IXPE Foam Materials

    If you are looking for a solution with a lot of firmness and durability, our IXPE Foam Material...

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  • IXPE Foam Underlay
    IXPE Foam Underlay

    IXPE Foam Underlay from CYG provide an ideal separation layer between the structural floor and...

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  • IXPE Material for Medical
    IXPE Material for Medical

    IXPE foam is physically cross-linked polyethylene foam. The fine and homogenous closed cells...

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  • Polypropylene Foam IXPP Foam
    Polypropylene Foam IXPP Foam

    Made to be durable and long-lasting, this polypropylene IXPP foam offers reliable firmness and...

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